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Polytechnic Institute of Porto

The Polytechnic Institute of Porto (P.Porto) is the largest and one of the most dynamic polytechnic schools in the country, emerging as first in the Polytechnic ranking and, along with other major Universities, it is placed in the upper segment of the higher education national ranking. P.Porto involves 8 schools, more than 20 R&D units, and is the best positioned in international scientific rankings in Portugal.

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ISCAP has experience in innovation in learning within the scope of an organizational unit created to deal with innovation, creativity and e-learning (GAIE – Office of Innovation in Education) to improve their teaching staff’s methods through the use of technologies (lecturers are encouraged to use Moodle to support the in-class courses). ISCAP was the first school in P.Porto to offer a b-learning post-graduate course and webinars, as proof of the school’s experience as well as its willingness and commitment to innovation in education regardless of the form.

Both P.Porto and ISCAP have an e-Learning support unit that develops on-line courses for target groups and for any individual who is interested in any of the courses offered. This unit also provides a specific course for teachers who want to convert their own in-class course materials into e-learning/blended learning course.

ISCAP has a Research Centre on Intercultural Studies, and several groups within its Research Centre for Organisational and Social Studies (CEOS.PP), each of them specifically concerned to a research/scientific field. The research centre has circa 130 members (doctorates, professional specialists, etc.) in several fields and aims to promote and develop research processes, to produce and disseminate knowledge, to transfer innovation and knowledge on to a wider dissemination of the many fields’ potential.

It is also noteworthy that our International Office is highly keen on the process of internationalisation and willing to increase the number of exchange programmes (for students, as well as for teachers and other staff) and develop intercultural experiences among its communities, being responsible for the highest rate of students’ mobility in Portugal.

Project Coordinator


Paulo Vasconcelos is a full-time Senior Lecturer at ISCAP since 1990, the Coordinator of the Scientific Area of Law at the school, as well as a member of the Scientific Board. He practices Private/Civil, Business, Corporate and Tax Law as a freelance lawyer since 1992. PhD in Private and Corporate Law from University of Vigo, Spain. He is the author of several published books and papers.


Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração do Porto

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