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IO2: Skills and Competences Needed in the Labour Market, in the Field of Industrial Property

Assessing the skills and competencies needed in the labour market is an important step, designed to contribute to the development of quality curricula and teaching materials that respond to immediate and concrete needs.

At the same time, the report's conclusions can have an impact on the guide on setting up and equipping library resource centres, which must have optimal materials.

The intellectual product is essential for the implementation of the ancillary activities of the project, for the partners, but the deliverables are also transferable outside the Consortium, thus contributing to the achievement of the objective 2: To strengthen the cooperation between universities and the business environment, to facilitate the exchange, flow and cocreation of knowledge in the field of Industrial Property protection.

Download the report HERE:

IO2 - Report on Skills and Competencies
Download PDF • 4.46MB



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